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With the proper brushing technique, keeping your teeth clean and your mouth healthy is easy. Without the right technique, you could be missing key areas of bacteria and food buildup that sometimes won’t be cleared away by following up with flossing or rinsing.
Proper tooth Brushing Techniques are very important to maintain Oral Health, by following the correct tooth brushing technique you will be able to remove food debris and plaque which will in turn prevent the onset of Dental Caries.
The main reason for Dental caries is food lodgement in teeth, which are the food for the Bacteria and Microorganisms residing in the Oral cavity. The microorganisms consume the food lodged and then produce acid which lead to the demineralization of the Enamel leading to onset of Dental caries. Not just caries but most of the Gingival (GUMS) related problems like – Gingivitis ( gum inflammation) Periodontitis can also be prevented with the help of proper tooth brushing techniques.

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