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Tooth mobility is usually loosening of tooth within its socket
Cause And Effects Of Tooth Mobility
Its greatest contributor is plaque accumulation. Buildup of plaque and calculus is indication of poor oral hygiene and incorrect brushing technique. As a result, plaque gets harder over time and become tartar, which is difficult to remove with manual tooth brushing and require professional cleaning of teeth. Usually this buildup of tartar and calculus is home to many bacteria, which causes detrimental changes to attached gingiva. As long as it remains there, gingiva will remain red and swollen, since its causing continuous damage to gums. Without proper oral hygiene habits, calculus increase progressively in quantity causing the gums to move downward and creating more space for buildup of calculus. With time, this calculus results in loosening of teeth because supporting structure of teeth gradually recede and worsen in condition. If conditions remain the same, then a time will come when the tooth will only be supported by this calculus and gingiva will lose its attachment. This condition is accompany by bone loss, that form socket around tooth, eventually resulting in the loss of tooth. Some other causes of tooth mobility can be traumatic bite as a result of mal aligned teeth, which is causing continuous trauma to periodontium of teeth. Another cause is parafunctional habits, which include night grinding, unconscious clenching and chewing and bruxism.

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