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Have you ever worried about the way your children’s second teeth are coming through??
This is a really common question for us as the teeth that are erupting are full sized but the mouth they are trying to fit into is still growing.
A particular concern for parents is the “ugly duckling” stage.
This is a normal stage of dental development, usually between the ages of 7 and 12 years, preceding the eruption of the permanent canines.
It is caused when the upper central and lateral incisors are tipped laterally due to the crowding created by the unerupted canines.
As the canines grow they push on the roots of the incisors producing the tipping and resultantly a midline space (median diastema) between the front teeth
The midline space is normally transitory and the incisors usually assume normal alignment when the upper canines erupt into position creating a pressure back the other way.
If there is not enough room in the mouth for the canines to align properly that is when we consider braces for your child. But don’t worry we automatically check all these things for your child during there regular check ups with us as the correct time for intervention is individual for each child.

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