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Pyorrhea, also known as periodontitis, is a multifactorial disease affecting oral gum. It is an inflammation caused by bacteria, which can affect causing halitosis (bad smell of the mouth), gingival recession, destruction of the support bone of the tooth and, in the worst case, cause even the loss of the tooth. In this way, when our gums suffer from pyorrhea, the mouth is in a state of danger in which it requires specific teatment care
Why does the gum get sick?
In addition to factors such as stress, having low defenses or poor oral hygiene, which can influence the development of the disease, pyorrhea is caused by a series of bacteria that cause the response of the basic treatment to be slower and unfavorable. In this case, the bacteria that inhabit the mouth are deposited on the surface of the teeth and in the gingival groove, constituting the bacterial plaque.It is also important to keep in mind that this disease is spread through saliva. Obviously, contagion will also depend on the immunological factors of the other person.
First symptoms:
Pyorrhea can manifest itself in many ways, such as:
With bleeding gums, especially when you brush your teeth.
Inflammation and gingival redness, that is, gum inflammation
Halitosis or constant bad taste in the mouth.
Dental sensitivity to temperature changes.
Discomfort and pain when chewing.
How to treat it:
Depending on how advanced the disease is, the treatment will be one or the other. When the pyorrhea is in a very initial phase, sometimes a thorough cleaning of the mouth is enough, which consists of a scraping of the roots of the tooth that eliminates the accumulated tartar and it smoothens the roughness that may have formed. Today, this process can be done through lasers.
When the degree of involvement is greater, different types of medications are used, such as gels or antibiotics, which can be cured by avoiding surgery. Although cases in which they have not been effective, surgery is the best option, since with it the tartar and periodontal pockets are completely eliminated.
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