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Dental fluorosis is a condition that causes changes in the appearance of tooth enamel due to hypomineralization of tooth enamel, caused by excessive exposure to fluoride during tooth development affecting its organization, composition and structure
1). Fluorosis is a dental lesion caused by the destructive effect of fluoride on the tooth making cells in the forming and mineralizing stages. The affected enamel is also called mottled enamel
2). Severity of fluorosis depends on the duration of exposure to fluoride. Specific body response, weight, activity, diet, and bone growth factors result in variable severity of dental fluorosis in response to similar dose of fluoride
3).Dental fluorosis may result when children regularly consume fluoride during the teeth-forming years, age 8 and younger. In high dosages fluorides produce a lower dental mineral content and increased porosity in the enamel and dentin 4). In the world, at least 25 countries suffer from endemic fluorosis.

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