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There’s no doubt that gaps left by missing teeth can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Even normal everyday tasks such as smiling, laughing and eating can become unpleasant. Not only can missing teeth have an impact on your confidence, it can also cause physical issues with teeth moving, due to the gap and space created by missing teeth forming an unwanted angle. Dentures may be just what you need to boost your confidence!
A full denture comes in two pairs; an upper and lower denture. The base of the denture is a freshly coloured acrylic base that fits conveniently over your gums. The upper denture settles on the entire roof of your mouth, whereas the lower denture is shaped in a horseshoe manner to allow accommodation of the tongue.
Depending on your condition your Prosthetist may recommend a complete, partial or fixed denture. A full or complete denture is generally recommended when all your teeth are missing, and a partial denture may be recommended when some of your natural teeth are remaining.
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