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Rampant caries is a suddenly appearing, rapidly burrowing type of caries resulting in early pulp involvement, in which more than 10 new lesions appear every year on healthy teeth surfaces which are generally immune to caries.
Rampant caries is of the following three types –
1- Nursing bottle rampant caries,
2- Adolescent rampant caries and
3- Xerostomia-induced rampant caries.
Nursing bottle rampant caries is very common in infants.
Adolescent rampant caries – When rampant caries occurs in adolescent age, it is called adolescent rampant caries. During adolescence, some children habitually put chocolates, toffees and biscuits in their mouth and go to sleep. Such patients suffer from adolescent rampant caries. The adolescent rampant caries has the same pattern as that of nursing bottle caries.
Xerostomia-induced rampant caries is often associated with salivary gland hypofunction due to irradiation of the head and neck region.
Rampant caries can stem from a variety of factors, such as poor diet, mouth pH, root recession and weakened enamel. Anyone of any age is susceptible to cavities, but luckily there are treatments that can restore your oral health.

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