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How important is the “pediatric root”? did you know What kind of toothache does your child need endodontic treatment? We have the answer.

pediatric root canal treatment
When tooth decay grows deeper into the tooth’s nerve cavities The child will begin to have pain. During this time will be blocked. or can’t cover teeth at all Root canal treatment or denture treatment must be performed before pulpotomy and pulpectomy. The permanent teeth will come in their place. Because if there is a lot of decay, inflammation and swelling can be fatal. or if the child has lost the baby teeth prematurely, causing the growth of the permanent teeth to be imbalanced

In teeth where pain is caused by stimuli such as heat, cold, occlusion of food particles. When the stimulus is eliminated, the pain is gone. This symptom, if the dentist cuts the dentin and finds that the cavities almost penetrate the nerve cavity. If there is a small puncture, it will be treated by pulpotomy. The treatment of the tooth nerve cavity will be done by removing the pulp of the tooth pulp only in the part of the tooth, not reaching the root of the tooth, inserting medication and filling the tooth with material. stopper Then do the crown.

If the tooth decay that the child has pain, dormant pain, waking up crying pain at night. This indicates decay that has penetrated the tooth nerve. or in the case of severe tooth decay, but the child has no pain By giving a history of having pain but it has disappeared (in this case, it was caused by tooth decay until the tooth nerve was completely destroyed In this case, the treatment is performed by root canal treatment (pulpectomy), which will remove the pulp cavity in both the tooth and the root. replace the material Then do the crown.

cost of treatment

Pulppotomy 2500 / tooth excluding crown

Pulppectomy 3000 / tooth excluding crown

Did you know that tooth decay is the root cause of your child’s teeth? Root canal treatment for children requires the expertise of a specialized dentist. to maintain and answer problems correctly Don’t ignore your child’s toothache. Don’t hesitate to start seeing your dentist from scratch. Because a beautiful pair of teeth will look with your child for a long time. You need to start taking care of it today.

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